Protein is of course one of three macronutrients that is essential to our survival, without it we’d be unable to function on a cellular level. On the other hand, it is also key during weight loss to prevent the loss of muscle as well as keep you satisfied. So if you took for granted the importance of protein before on your weight loss journey, you’re going to want to think again!


Regulates Digestive Hormones

Having an increased amount of protein in your diet regulates two hormones that usually are the main culprits sabotaging your diet plans. Mid-day cravings get in the way of anyone looking to stay on track, but having increased protein in your diet works as an appetite suppressant through those times. Additional protein increases satiety hormones in your stomach to be released so that you’re satisfied for longer. In turn that protein reduces your hunger hormone so that your brain doesn’t start telling you you’re hungry when you’re not!

Burn More Calories

Protein has a high thermogenic effect, meaning you actually burn calories while you digest it! For this reason, it also boosts your metabolism, enabling you to burn more calories throughout your entire day, even as you’re sleeping. Compared to carbohydrates and fat, protein burns an additional 80-100 calories a day just from eating it. So getting in a high serving of protein with breakfast will get you a good jumpstart for the rest of your day!

Helps Prevent Muscle Loss

Unfortunately, as you’re looking to reduce body fat, you’re also at greater risk of losing muscle as well. This isn’t only bad for your muscle tone, but it also slows down your metabolism. Having an increased amount of protein in your diet combats muscle loss by replenishing it as your body is trying to use it for energy. The second reason why you want to hold on to your muscle is that the more muscle you have, the more fat you burn at rest!

Making sure you’re choosing lean protein is important to your success as well, not all protein sources are treated equally! The best way to achieve the most bang for your buck is through quality protein supplements. Using high fiber protein bars and drinks between meals wards off hunger and keeps your metabolism up! Not to mention it’s great to have on hand in a pinch!