Losing weight can be hard. Weight loss is a long process that requires your time, determination, patience and discipline — many things that a busy lifestyle often hinders. However, if done healthily, weight loss is incredibly rewarding. But you may be wondering, “What are good ways to lose weight and how can I stay motivated?” You’re not the only one with these questions. When starting a weight loss program, it’s easy to jump into it head first and then burn out, stop exercising and start cheating on your diet. Here at BalanceDiet Billings, we want to help and encourage you during your weight loss and healthy living journey. We believe that weight loss happens when you focus on good nutrition, healthy eating and proper exercise, all in moderation. Today we’re going to be discussing how to create healthy and realistic weight loss goals and more importantly, how to stick to them. Without further ado, let’s get inspired.

Write Down Your Goals

Before starting your weight loss journey, think about why you want to lose weight and how you plan on going about it. You can even start by asking what to do to lose weight and find your motivation through that. Set a specific weight goal for yourself. Do you want to lose a lot of weight, or just slim down a few pounds? Figure out what weight is healthy for your body composition. When you have a numerical goal set, you can start on your weight loss strategy. Write this number down in a journal so you can visualize where you want to be. People are more likely to stick with their goals and strategies when they track their progress.

Start Small

Start with small goals at first that are simple to ease into and create habits from. For example, challenge yourself to drink twice as much water as you normally do during the day, or pack a fruit or vegetable for a snack instead of chips. For exercise, be realistic about how much you can handle. Going to the gym for two hours, seven days a week, is not the smartest way to start because then you’ll get burnt out and will stop going. Make an exercise goal that you know you can stick to and build from. Challenge yourself to do yoga three times a week, or go on a short run every other day. These small goals are easy and manageable when you first begin your weight loss journey, and the challenge is fun. You will feel stronger and more capable when you reach these small goals and work toward new ones. When you turn your focus to the small, everyday healthy habits that you can develop yourself, you take ownership of your healthy lifestyle and weight loss. Sticking with the small short-terms goals at first will help you achieve the larger, long-term goals.

Find A Community

One of the best ways to stick to your weight loss goals is to have accountability and support from others doing the same thing. At BalanceDiet Billings, we provide nutrition and fitness coaching and group fitness classes. Working with and alongside other individuals who are striving for weight loss and a healthier lifestyle will give you the inspiration you need to work hard to reach your goals. Accountability is key.

We know that weight loss isn’t easy, but we want to help you succeed. When you create realistic and healthy weight loss and fitness goals, you are increasing your chances of succeeding. Focus on your short-term goals and work toward your long-term ones. Visit us at BalanceDiet Billings to get inspired and motivated to lose weight and keep it off.