Our bodies go through a lot of changes as we age, one of them affected being our metabolism. Making it more difficult lose weight and easier to start putting it on. This doesn’t mean that all is lost, just means we need to keep up on the things that keep the weight off and what to do to most efficiently get those extra pounds off.

Focus on Muscle

Weight training is essential for weight loss at any age, but especially as we age. Losing muscle with age is very common, leaving you at higher risk of osteoporosis as well. Focus on low impact exercise that still keeps your muscles challenged, such as the tables we have here at EverFit! Keeping your muscles engaged without risk of injury will ensure you grow and retain the muscle you have, and in turn that muscle burns more fat even when you’re not exercising!

Know Your Numbers

Lots of things can influence weight gain or the inability to lose that body fat, especially your thyroid. It’s becoming more common than ever to have thyroid issues, so knowing whether yours is in good working order or not can play a big factor in your success. Also knowing if you’re at risk for type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure can be big motivating factors to making positive lifestyle changes for yourself. More often than not, making dietary changes and increasing exercise can keep you from being put on medications for those common environmentally influenced afflictions.

Put Yourself on the Priority List

Everyday we see women who put everything and everyone ahead of themselves. Well it’s long past time to change that! As you get older your body becomes less capable of compensating for missed meals, lack of sleep, and high stress. Time to remember your own importance and start making time to stop and have a break and do good things for yourself without guilt! Over time these things start to add up and show up as increased sickness as well as increased body fat. Giving yourself the time for healthful meals, snacks, and exercise is essential to being able to lose weight at any age.