We know that protein is a crucial part of a healthy diet, but what makes it so special?

Protein is one of the macronutrients, which means it’s a major component of our body’s daily needs. If protein needs are not met during weight loss, the body will shunt protein away from the muscles to perform other critical body functions. As a result, lean muscle breaks down and the metabolism slows.

More Lean Muscle = More Efficient Weight Loss

Muscle burns calories four times faster than fat. Therefore, protein is important during weight loss, but also during the maintenance stage. Clients who consume the recommended amount of protein are twice as likely to reach their goal and stay successful than those who fall short with the daily intake.

EverFit Montana’s delicious protein bars and drinks fit perfectly into your meal plan and make it easy to ensure you are giving your body what it needs!

Other benefits of protein:

  • Helps curb appetite & cravings
  • Helps you feel full & satisfied
  • Helps increase metabolism
  • Helps keep blood sugar stable
  • Protein supplements are available for non-members too!


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