Sure, you can look forward to being able to fit better in clothes, and less of them, but the real benefits are on the inside. Your health increases exponentially as your bodyfat decreases. Check out what you can look forward to!

  • Heart Health
    • Eating leaner and increasing fibrous fruits, veggies, and grains into your diet significantly decreases your bad cholesterol levels which in turn decreases your chances for heart attack and stroke. Concentrating on gradually increasing your cardio workout also strengthens your heart and creates a more efficient cardiovascular system.
  • Improves Mood
    • One of the great benefits of a healthier lifestyle is improved sleep! Most people starting our program express how much better their quality of sleep is as well as the length they’re able to sleep. Along with good sleep, making healthy food choices keeps your blood sugar levels stable which keeps you from getting “hangry”.
  • Wards off Inflammation
    • Acute inflammation heals us, but chronic, long-term inflammation is dangerous and leads to numerous life-threatening diseases. Cutting out excess sugar and fueling your body with proper nutrients ensures good health. Not only does a healthy lifestyle decrease inflammation, it also improves immune function and allows you to defend off the crud.
  • Healthy Joints
    • Excess weight puts a lot more wear and tear on your joints, especially your knees, hips, and lower back. The more weight you lose the less you’re at risk for developing osteoarthritis as well. Ease of motion as you age ensures continuing to have the ability to care for yourself and rely less on the help of others, keeping your independence!