While venturing through the past few months you may be thinking to yourself, I just can’t pass up all the treats and good food that’s around every day. Sticking to the new lifestyle you’ve chosen to adopt may seem quite daunting to keep up at this point, but there’s a better way of thinking about it! Just remember, it’s progress, not perfection! Check out some ways to navigate through your favorite things to feel good about the choices you’re making!


Plan your treats in advance

If you’re feeling discouraged about not partaking in your favorite meals with your husband or friends, don’t dwell on it, just plan ahead! Studies show that those who have a “cheat meal” to look forward to through their week have more success. Again, it’s only one meal out of 21 so it’s not going to wreak your week by any means. Knowing there’s a treat or comfort food to look forward to keeps people making better decisions in the meantime and not feeling like they’re missing out! The best thing about this method? You’ll enjoy that treat WAY more after looking forward to it and enjoying each bite or sip.


Moderation not Deprivation

Have you had to sit back while everyone around you is having a cocktail or sharing an appetizer? Well don’t keep torturing yourself! Constantly thinking about what you missed out on is hard on anyone’s willpower, and often snowballs into something a lot worse than an onion ring. This is where you can give yourself a break and practice a little moderation. Having the occasional taste of your favorite things or a drink with friends keeps you feeling like you can make it to goal rather than frustrated and discouraged! Having a few bites of that hot brownie a la mode with a friend is always going to be better than downing half a package of Oreos when you get home!


Don’t Stress!

Did you attend an event and have a few too many drinks or treats than you initially planned for? Don’t worry about it! We’ve all been there and the best thing you can do is get right back on track. Constantly stressing about what you ate or may ran into at your next event causes more damage than what you did or will do! When you’re stressed that pesky hormone Cortisol is released and causes you to store fat and that’s the last thing you’re looking to gain at this point! This journey can be stressful enough on its own without unknowingly adding to it by overthinking a misstep. So next time you find yourself in an undesirable situation, give yourself a break and just move on!