Like many things in life, the weight loss journey are not a straight path, and there is no finish line.  Challenges, temptations, and barriers will inevitably knock you off course.  Losing the weight is only the beginning, building strong habits to keep it off forever is the ultimate goal.  We’re here to help you navigate the challenges along the way and build the habits that will keep you successful.

However, it’s not unusual to occasionally lose track of your goals and lapse into old patterns.  In fact, you should expect that it will happen.  Have a plan in place to help you recover when it does.  It takes time and reinforcement to turn new healthy behaviors into habits, so start practicing now!

Take chargeAccept responsibility for your behavior.  Take a moment to learn from the situation, then move on and make the next best choice.

Avoid risky situationsIf donuts in the break room are too much to handle, avoid going in there, at least until you feel more in control.

Buy time If you feel tempted to indulge in an old favorite food, first ask yourself if you’re actually hungry.  Chances are it’s a craving and it will pass if you can wait a few minutes or distract yourself by doing another task.

Be gentle with yourself Practice self-forgiveness.  Don’t let negative self-talk get you down.  It’s a slip-up, not a catastrophe.  Mistakes happen and they’re an important part of the journey.

Ask for, and accept help Allowing others to help isn’t a sign of weakness or failure.  It’s a sign of good judgement, and a great way to stay on track during difficult days.

Work outUse your time at EverFit to help relieve frustration and focus on the positive aspects of your day, NOT as a punishment for a lapse in behavior.

Plan your strategy Identify the problem and create a list of possible solutions.  It will take some trial and error, but you’ll learn what works for you and what isn’t as successful.

Recommit to your goals Frequently review your goals, both the long-term (goal weight) and short-term (small goals you’ve set along the way).  Make sure they are still realistic and things you would like to accomplish.


  • Healthy weight loss is slow (1-3 pounds a week)
  • Relapses are disappointing, but never a failure – only an opportunity to learn and grow
  • You are on a journey to learn healthy habits that will ensure your success long term.
  • There is absolutely no shame in having a setback. We’re all human and we all experience them.  Use the team at EverFit to help you along the way!  Off plan? Come in for a weigh in and get the support and motivation to get back on track – that’s what you’re here for!
  • Most importantly: YOU CAN DO THIS!