We all have the best intentions when it comes to eating right; we’ve got a game plan, we hit the grocery store to stock up on nutritious food, and make appointments for exercise weekly, but if every time you open the cupboard there’s a great big bag of chips staring you in the face everything can go straight out the window. All the willpower in the world can’t help you when temptation is around every corner. So why torture yourself daily? Follow these tips to help you tackle common junk food problems:

  • Clean Out What You Need to Avoid
    • Is there a box of cookies or crackers in your cupboard that haunts you every time you go to grab the brown rice? Maybe it’s a bag of chips you have to brush by to reach a jar of pasta sauce that’s taunting you? Whatever it is, it’s time to move on and for it to move out! Getting rid of the cause of your constant turmoil will exponentially increase your chances of staying on track. Out of sight, out of mind is always the best strategy!
  • If you HAVE to Keep it Around, Keep it Out of Reach
    • Often a husband, kids, or grandchildren is the reason a few choice things cannot magically disappear out of your house, but there’s still hope! Keep things you want to stay out of separate from your everyday food. Utilize a basement shelf for hands-off items, or even keep it all in a box or crate that you only let them handle. The more inconvenient it is to get to, the more time you’ll have to change your mind about digging into it in a desperate moment.
  • Get Healthy and Convenient Alternatives
    • The best thing you can do for yourself is not to say NO to bad choices, but YES to good ones! Make a list of healthy snacks and easy alternatives you can have on the run and in a pinch. Typically it’s not that you HAD to have the chips, it’s that you didn’t have anything else to crunch on instead! Have hummus or low fat vegetable dip to eat with fresh crunchy veggies, or yogurt and fresh berries for a sweet snack. Just don’t forget the best Plan B, keeping sweet protein bars, salty protein chips, and a variety of drinks for any season can get you through a craving without guilt anytime!