One of the most important trades you can do for your health is to choose whole grain options. They not only have greater nutrition, but they also come with higher fiber. Fiber is what helps to keep you satisfied longer as well as keeping your blood sugars stable. Having increased fiber options staves off cravings and keeps you on track for the long run!

  • Breads and Flour Tortillas

Look for varieties that have the word “grain” in the name, whether it’s whole grain wheat or 12 grain, and then check the fiber content to make sure it has at least 3g per serving. No more squished wimpy sandwiches for you!

  • Cold Cereal

Bran and wheat cereals can be found in abundance these days in the store, but it’s still important to check for added sugar and be sure to avoid those varieties. It’s always better to add your own sweetener as needed.

  • Pasta

Yes you can still have pasta! Just make sure it’s whole grain and high fiber. A majority of the time I hear members say they prefer the taste, and their family doesn’t even notice the difference!

  • Crackers and Snacks

Time to trade in the saltine crackers for a variety with some substance! Whole grain, high fiber varieties hold up better in soup, salads, and bring a heartier flavor. Keep your eyes out for snacks made with whole grains as well!

  • Baked Goods

Swap out bleached white flour for whole wheat! Make your favorite breads and even desserts healthier by using a whole wheat variety of flour. You can even start by using half of each to get used to the change in texture first!