Members often ask if eating the same healthful meal or foods day to day will inhibit their progress, and the answer is not at all. Nutrients are nutrients to your body, although it is a good idea to get a variety of them especially when it comes to fruits and veggies. Where you really want to concentrate on change is on the exercise floor! Your body needs to be challenged physically to experience progress. Are you challenging yourself?


Increase Weight

Are your current hand weights still challenging you or are you just going through the motions? Try the next size up the next time you’re on the tables or try a different arm exercise to switch things up.

Increase Repetitions

Are you doing 20 reps of your hand weights at a time yet? Even better is to try doing them consistently through the entirety of the table session or alternating two moves back and forth the entire time.

Change It Up

Not feeling the same challenge from a table? Ask your exercise counselor to show you a different position or give you an alternate exercise to try on the table, there’s lots of things they can show you to keep it fresh!

Speed/ Incline

Have you tried increasing your speed or the incline while on the cardio equipment lately? A great way to add some challenge to walking is to start using the incline feature. It’s just like going hiking and helps to raise your heart rate even while walking at a moderate pace.

Increase Length

Again, when on cardio, changing the amount of time you spend on it is a great way to know how much you’re pushing yourself. Start small and regularly add time as you’re able to. You’ll be proud of yourself when you’ve worked your way up from 5 minutes to 30!