Now that the holidays are over and the craziness of the season has come to an end it has either left you wondering where to go from here or how to get this new year started on the right track. Never fear, we’ve got you covered! It’s time to get back to what you know. Every successful plan starts with a good foundation:

  • Drink Water
    • For many, the winter months are when people are less likely than ever to get their quota of water in. Between the dry air and detoxing from the holidays it’s more important than ever. Try drinking some hot herbal teas or warm water with lemon if the thought of cold water is giving you the shivers.
  • Get Back into an Eating Routine
    • Whether you were too busy to eat or too busy eating it’s time to find your routine again! Fill your house with healthful foods and stock up on your protein snacks to ensure you always have the right options on hand. Start with breakfast and time your snacks and meals for at least every three hours. This will get your metabolism back in gear and make sure those sugar cravings stay at bay!
  • Balance Meals
    • Often fruits and vegetables have taken a backseat through the holidays, well it’s time to fill your plate again! Focus on building a balanced meal again – whole grains/ starch, lean protein, vegetables, and a fat or dairy to bring it all together. That will get you a satisfying meal you can feel good about! Replacing those empty calories with ones that are nutrient dense helps detoxify your body and gets you back on track.
  • Get Moving
    • It’s time to make YOU a priority again, and that means making time for exercise! The best thing about exercising is that you release stress, toxins, gain energy, and your body starts craving nutrient dense foods again (not to mention water)! Getting on that positive cycle is the best way to kick it into gear and get back on track.