Proper exercise and fitness are vital for losing weight, and caring for your body and your muscles is an important part of an overall healthy lifestyle. But exercise doesn’t just benefit your physical body. There are mental and emotional benefits that come with regular exercise. In fact, exercising is one of the best ways to reduce stress and anxiety. Even if you aren’t trying to lose weight, exercising should be a part of your routine, especially if you are dealing with any amount of stress. When you exercise, your body releases stress-fighting hormones called endorphins that help you clear your mind. Below are a few forms of exercise that aid in stress reduction and that should be included in your fitness plan.


Yoga is a mind-body exercise that focuses on proper breathing techniques and effective stretching. There are many forms of yoga, incorporating different poses that increase flexibility, so your options here are endless. Your yoga exercises can be personalized for you and your needs — that’s what makes yoga so powerful for reducing stress. Not only that, but yoga can help boost your mood. Melt away the day’s stresses and focus on your well-being in daily yoga poses.

Cardio Exercises

Release endorphins with regular aerobic exercising. High-energy exercises, including running, cardio group fitness classes, dancing and biking, will accelerate your heart rate. You’ll sweat, you’ll feel stronger and you’ll feel stress leaving your body. Whether you hit your neighborhood streets running, or you sign up for a group fitness class at your local gym, regular aerobic exercises will strengthen your heart and your mind.


Don’t worry — you don’t have to run to reduce stress! Walking will do the trick, too. Not only does regular, intentional walking decreases your chances of obesity and reduces your risk of heart disease, but it can aid in reducing your stress. Walking, especially outdoors, puts your brain in a relaxed, meditative state. You will calm down and relax your mind, especially if you’re in the warm sun. Further, walking can improve your memory and attention span. Incorporate 30-minute walks into your day several times a week, and you will feel your stress leave.

As you can see, exercise doesn’t have to be hard. Personalize your fitness plan to include a variety of these exercises that will reduce any stress or anxiety you may be dealing with. Here at EverFit Montana, we want to encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve your personal fitness goals.