At BalanceDiet, you’ll experience a comprehensive approach to weight loss as you learn proper fitness techniques and create a nutrition plan. Your days of wondering what to do to lose weight and keep it off are over. In the following blogs, you’ll find resources on weight loss, fitness and nutrition to help you get motivated to make the leap into a healthier, happier lifestyle.

  1. How Losing Weight Changes with Age

    Our bodies go through a lot of changes as we age, one of them affected being our metabolism. Making it more difficult lose weight and easier to start putting it on. This doesn't mean that all is lost, just means we need to keep up on the things that keep the weight off and what to do to most efficiently get those extra pounds off. Focus on Muscle Weight training is essential for weight loss at any…Read More

  2. How to be a Supportive Partner

    Having a good support system around you is key for successful lifestyle changes. Anyone who has ever been on this journey before knows how hard it is to resist temptation of others trying to pull you back into old bad habits. So what can you do to help? Be Supportive, but not Pressure You may think you have good intentions with helpful advice, but every person's journey is different, what worked f…Read More

  3. Stop Skipping Breakfast

    Remember that saying you've been hearing all your life? "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day", well turns out it's an old saying for a reason, because it's TRUE! (Fancy that, right?) Well it's time to put those words into practice and make breakfast a priority again. Not convinced? Well check out the following reasons why we always start our day off right and know you should too. Peopl…Read More

  4. BBQ Season Tips

    In all disciplines of life, there are examples of people who have made choices to not allow their present reality dictate future outcomes. These are the type of people who know the liberating power of a positive choice. With a little practice this can be YOU! Every day we choose victory or defeat. We choose to live a lot or to die a little. We choose to hurt people or to help them. We choose to fo…Read More

  5. Protein and Weight Loss

    Protein is of course one of three macronutrients that is essential to our survival, without it we’d be unable to function on a cellular level. On the other hand, it is also key during weight loss to prevent the loss of muscle as well as keep you satisfied. So if you took for granted the importance of protein before on your weight loss journey, you’re going to want to think again!   Regula…Read More

  6. Calcium For The Lactose Intolerant

    Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body.  We commonly know it as being the building block for strong bones and teeth, but it goes beyond that.  Calcium helps the body maintain healthy blood vessels, regulate blood pressure, prevent insulin resistance, and helps the heart and muscles function properly.  While dairy products are well known sources of calcium, there are a lot of other foo…Read More

  7. Practice Positivity

    Do you see the glass as half full or half empty?  When you’re faced with a challenging situation, it may be easy to succumb to negative thoughts.  However, studies suggest that having an optimistic outlook is beneficial for your physical and mental health, building strong relationships, and being successful at work.  Some studies suggest that optimistic thinking can predict lower rates of mor…Read More

  8. Keeping Your Brain Healthy

    There are lifestyle habits you can adopt to maintain or improve your health as you age. These habits, spanning four categories — physical health and exercise, diet and nutrition, cognitive activity, and social engagement — can help keep your body and brain healthy and potentially reduce your risk of cognitive decline. Research suggests that a combination of these good habits may have a greater…Read More

  9. Combining Dietary Changes with a Fitness Routine

    So, what makes your journey at EverFit different from any other program out there? Well here we incorporate a nutritional dietary change as well as an all-inclusive exercise program. There are many other components here that help you on your journey, but just looking at the basics, those two working hand in hand truly set you up for success right from the beginning. Syncing exercise with better nu…Read More