1. Maintaining a Healthy Heart

    High cholesterol is a serious problem for one in six adults in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Although the body needs some cholesterol, when levels become too high, it puts a person at risk for a heart attack and stroke.  Excess cholesterol in the body can stick to the walls of the arteries and block blood flow to the heart and brain.  Although …Read More

  2. Getting Back on Track

    We’ve all been there. We had a few fabulous days of eating healthy and exercising and then—BANG—all of a sudden life happens. A late night out with friends, a last-minute business trip, a sick child at home. You’ve either missed your designated time for fitness or you simply don’t have the energy to prepare a healthy meal. Either way, you’ve hit a wall and are having an off day. Someti…Read More

  3. Diet vs Lifestyle

    It is all about perspective!  Your perspective of the diet mentality and the lifestyle mentality makes all the difference when it comes to achieving your goals, working through any issues that come up, and maintaining your achievements throughout your lifetime. Here are the main ways a diet differs from a lifestyle: A diet is only about the numbers – the number on the scale, the number of calor…Read More

  4. Health Highlight: Cinnamon

    Likely as you’re rummaging through your spice cabinet you’re not looking to pick out something to boost your health, but you could be! It’s time to pull out one of the spices you probably don’t see till around the holidays, cinnamon. Not only does this spice lend it’s deliciousness to everything from apple cider to pumpkin pie, but it also comes with a variety of health benefits. After r…Read More

  5. Benefits of Cutting the Fat

    Sure, you can look forward to being able to fit better in clothes, and less of them, but the real benefits are on the inside. Your health increases exponentially as your bodyfat decreases. Check out what you can look forward to! Heart Health Eating leaner and increasing fibrous fruits, veggies, and grains into your diet significantly decreases your bad cholesterol levels which in turn decreases yo…Read More

  6. Apple Cider Vinegar

    Vinegar has long been touted for its natural cleaning properties and uses around the house, but did you know it also has beneficial effects on the inside of your body too? Here are a few reasons why you might want to try adding a few tablespoons to your diet! Kills bacteria: For many years people have used vinegar topically to get rid of warts, nail fungus, and acne, but it can destroy bacteria an…Read More

  7. Overcoming Weight Loss Setbacks

    Like many things in life, the weight loss journey are not a straight path, and there is no finish line.  Challenges, temptations, and barriers will inevitably knock you off course.  Losing the weight is only the beginning, building strong habits to keep it off forever is the ultimate goal.  We're here to help you navigate the challenges along the way and build the habits that will keep you succ…Read More

  8. Sleep is Key

    Missing out on quality sleep is detrimental to health and weight loss efforts.  Here we’ll explore some tips on how to improve your sleep habits!   Support your body’s natural rhythms Go to sleep and get up at the same time every day Avoid sleeping in- Even on weekends! Consistency is key. Be smart about napping- Sometimes naps help you catch up, but they can interfere with your sleep ro…Read More

  9. Signs of Progress that aren’t on the Scale

    Weight loss motivation is often centered on watching the scale.  It’s definitely gratifying to see your hard work pay off each week.  But what happens when those numbers don’t seem to budge as fast as you think they should?  When you are following your program but you’re not losing as much as you’d like, don’t get discouraged!  Weight is simply one dimension of your health.  Instead…Read More

  10. Setting Realistic Weight Loss Goals

    Turns out, it’s not that occasional cheat meal that does in our weight loss efforts. It’s the universal wish to lose a lot of weight ASAP and the expectation that we can simply diet it away easily. Weight control experts call it the false hope syndrome – when dieters have unrealistic expectations about exactly how long it will take to shed those excess pounds. Unfortunately, research shows t…Read More