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EverFit Montana

Personalized Weight Loss Programs Fitness & Toning Memberships

Get Started Here!Speak with an Advisor Today
Get Started Here!Speak with an Advisor Today

We will provide you with a personalized meal plan designed for your individual caloric needs, specifically focusing on good nutrition. Our meal plan uses grocery store food, and further, we’ll also provide a grocery list to set you up for success!

​We interact with people every day and know how weight and appearance impact relationships. More quality time with people who care about you gives you encouragement to keep working toward your weight loss and personal fitness goals.

EverFit Montana offers the area’s finest and most respected group training programs for our members. Fit Camp, Senior Dance Fitness, Zumba, Chair Yoga, Yoga, Kettlebells, Jazzercise, Bosu Ball are fitness classes we offer.