I’m Lisa!

Head Coach, Chocolate Lover & Mindset Warrior

I’m the creator of EverFit, I’m a total wellness junkie, and my very favorite pastime is turning the radio on full blast and doing housework–weird, I know!

To all who come to this amazing place, Welcome! My ultimate goal in life is to convince every woman I have the honor to work with (that includes you!) that she deserves to have a healthier body and mind, and that she is capable of making it happen.  

My friend, I’ve been right where you are, and because I’ve been there, I get it.  

I struggled with my weight my entire life and I tried all the things before getting it right….  Don’t waste years like I did.  I’ve spent over a decade gathering the tools + resources that will help you to lose the weight and keep it off forever.

Like stories? I've got a good one...


Mindset Program


Where your mind goes, your body will follow.

We’re going to focus on building a more positive mindset, so you can crush your weight loss goals…

I'm ready for a mindset shift


Exercise Program


Full body, low-impact workouts designed by women for women. Includes toning tables, cardio, and group classes – all without the typical gymtimidation…

Oooo... I'm ready to try this!


Nutrition Program


Get ready to EAT! 

Meal plans + convenient shopping lists featuring real grocery store food. It’s an easy-to-follow plan to set you up for lifelong success.  

Let's set the table...


The EverFit Sisterhood


A place where all our EverFit Friends can come together to inspire and encourage one another. Recipies, stories, advice and more – This is where we claim our victories!

show me all my besties!

lose the weight

EverFit Weight Loss Program


Our most popular program gives you ALL THE TOOLS to lose weight: training a postive mindset,  fueling your life with real everyday food, and moving your body everyday. You’ll have a coach for each program and all the love and support from The EverFit Sisterhood.

Yes! This is the program for me!

“EverFit has Changed my Life”

The professional trainers and other clients are supportive in my journey to better health. The exercise tables are incredible and they tone the toughest areas. I get to eat real food and use my own brand names. This all seems to be to good to be true…but it’s not. I have seen it work over and over for all ages and stages of fitness in the women that walk through the door. We call it our “Sisterhood” and it truly is.

Carla L.

“I’m so happy I found EverFit “

The support, motivation and education they’ve offered in the last 7 weeks has been amazing! I’ve never enjoyed exercise, but they’ve made it fun and I don’t mind going. To find one place that combines nutrition, weight loss and exercise, in a fun atmosphere, is priceless. EverFit-Thank you for helping me achieve my goals, I feel and look great, thanks to you!!!

Sheila D.



“Absolutely Love It “

I started here in September and absolutely love it! I have lost 32 pounds, I’m not on insulin anymore and couldn’t be more pleased. The “diet” is REAL food and easy to follow! I really like the exercise machines, the cardio machines and the staff. It’s a place I will call Home forever!

Tracy S.



Let’s be Friends and Grow Together